5 Most Trendy Kitchen Backsplash Materials

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Backsplash serves a crucial role in the kitchen. So, from vibrant to subtle the backsplash comes in a variety of options. It also gives a functional, aesthetic, and decorative outlook to your kitchen. Thus, make sure to decide the style of backsplash you want in your kitchen. Like from minimal, subtle, to vibrant and dashing, sleek finish. This will more or less ease the process.  

In addition, there are a lot of materials you can use in your backsplash. Like ceramic tiles, subway tiles, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, etc. Moreover, marble tiles are also used. Like the White Italian Marble gives a very elegant and decorative aesthetic to your kitchen. So, let’s check some trendy Kitchen Backsplash Materials. And also their pros and cons to having a better idea.

Marble Tiles:

Marble tiles are known as the epitome of nature’s art. So, marble looks so beautiful and raw in every place they use. Thus, a kitchen backsplash in marble tiles gives a very classic and enchanting finish.  Moreover, marble comes in a wide range of colors, types, finishes, and lineage. Like you can select a slab of marble of your choice from any quarried family. So, White Italian Marble is the perfect choice for a minimal backsplash look. Thus, choosing a marble is so tricky. Therefore, you will have a better idea after reading its pros and cons.

Marble Tiles
Marble Tiles
  • It gives a very embellished and class luxury to the kitchen. So, you can add it to your backsplash, countertop, and floor. 
  • Marble gives more depth and beauty to your kitchen.
  • You can easily clean and maintain the marble.
  • Marble can also withstand the extremes of temperature.
  • Maintain your kitchen hygiene and protect the backsplash from any harmful mold attack.
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  • A bit more costly than other backsplash options.
  • Any harsh acid or chemical attack can make the marble weak.
  • Thus, require extra precautions from harsh detergents, chemicals, and acid to avoid etch marks.

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles are known as highly durable and versatile options for a backsplash. So, ceramic tiles offer endless textural beauty and an enchanting outlook to your kitchen. Moreover, they also come in a variety of sizes. But all such attributes revolve around your budget stretch. Moreover, ceramic tiles are in comparison very lower in price. Thus, to have a clear view of ceramic tiles. Read the pros and cons given below.

Ceramic Tiles:
Ceramic Tiles:
  • Highly affordable and are baked especially in high-fired kilns to meet the top-notch quality standards.
  • They are super easy to install. You can even install them with simple DIY hacks.
  • Selecting a ceramic tile backsplash of your own kind can stretch your budget limits.
  • You can customize your ceramic tile backsplash to match your countertop and floor.
  • They come in a variety of sizes from min mosaics to mighty 16 x 16 dimensions.
  • Ceramic tiles need regular maintenance for protection against grout or mold attacks.
  • They are more brittle

Glass Tiles:

Glass tiles are known to be so famous and trendy among kitchen interiors. So, they add a pinch of color and depth. Moreover, glass tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns. They also flaunt a traditional and decorative outlook. A glass backsplash blends contemporary and traditional attire to kitchen backsplash.

Glass Tiles
Glass Tiles
  • It adds more depth, color, and timeless possibilities to enhance the kitchen outlook
  • They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. Which makes them so diverse.
  • Glass tiles are of mid-range budgets.
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  • Small size tiles make the kitchen look compact.
  • They need perfect and smooth walls.
  • The transparent and translucent glass tiles don’t hide the walls. So, any flaws or stains need to be repaired.
  • Regular need of care and maintenance as grout or mold attacks are inevitable.

Subway  Tiles:

Subway tiles are the most trending options for kitchen backsplash. Moreover, they are even featured in many shoots and kitchen design trends. It has some pros and cons. So, subway tiles are known as super modern and enchanting. On the other hand, you can use the best Travertine tile floor

  • They use high fired ceramics
  • Highly durable
  • So much budget-friendly
  • Look so elegant 
  • Low-quality tiles are not worth giving a trendy and luxurious look.
  • Regular maintenance is required.
  • Choose the size wisely as small tiles have more grout and hectic cleaning.
  • However, they are easy to clean. They need regular sealing too.

Mosaic Tiles:

Mosaic tile is a blended way that looks so tempting and beautiful. For the tiles for the kitchen online, you can buy mosaic tiles. So, to use them as backsplash looks so enchanting in the kitchen. Moreover, they are known as hybrid tiles that mix up different materials. So, they give a textural interest in a kitchen backsplash possibility. Like glass, granite, ceramic, metal, etc are mixups.

  • Highly affordable prices
  • A diverse range of design options
  • Regular maintenance and care for gout attacks.
  • A bit more costly than ceramic tiles

Where To Buy Affordable White Italian Marble?

So, White Italian Marble now looks so elegant as backsplashes. Thus, the problem is where to buy it? But the quest is resolved now. You can now buy quality marble tiles and other flooring materials at fair prices. Just from a trustee location Nesttiles.

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In conclusion, choosing a backsplash can be very problematic. So, from the above article, you’ve got an idea. As there are many materials available. Thus, you can choose the best in your interest for kitchen backsplash. Like white Ceramic tiles, subway tiles, etc. As they all have some pros and cons. Moreover, you can also add marble tiles like White Italian Marble which looks so elegant. And it will create a lot of space too.