5 lovely Features of Invite Boxes that will Attract

Invite Boxes

Events are part and parcel of life that come in everyone’s life. Your love one’s presence in these events makes it more special and memorable. For this purpose, you need to invite them. You need invitations for this. These invitations make the other person feel special. Best invitations are the way to feel good to the other person. People use invitations for weddings, birthday parties or business invitations, etc. 

For this purpose, you need invite boxes. You can customize these boxes with some interesting features that can enhance the beauty of your invite boxes. People will remember the unique invitation for years. To make your invitation memorable and unique you can add some amazing features in it that can give a classic and cool look. 

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Keep your Invitation Safe by using Durable and Reliable Material

 Material affects a lot on appearance. If you are using low-quality material, it will give a rough look or the chance of damage will be more. So, to keep your invitation safe you need to use premium quality material. Using sturdy and durable material will keep your product safe and sound. There is a great variety of packaging material it is up to you which type of material you like to use for packaging. You should choose high-quality material among all. Cardboard and Kraft paper is the best option for manufacturing the Boxes for Games

Besides this you can also use corrugated, it is also the best option. All these materials are sturdy, durable, and lightweight. Along with this, these materials are also eco-friendly and safe for the community. These materials are recyclable and can be easily discarded. Moreover, you can also get boxes for shipping that can keep your Invitation Boxes safe from external environmental factors like moisture. After making the box you can also laminate it either with glossy paper or matt. It will give a smooth finishing to the box. 

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Trendy Boxes Designs and Style

Stunning design and style of the box is the best feature to attract the others. This is the most important feature to choose the best design for your invite boxes. A wide range of designs is offering by the companies. Choose the style of the box according to your own choice. Wedding is the most special day of everyone’s life and every person wants to make it memorable. Your boxes should be different from others because being different is the most important so that people will remind it for a long time. There is a wide range of styles you can use 

  • Top tuck, 
  • Gable boxes, 
  • 3-Two-piece, 
  • Two doors, 
  • Pillow boxes, 
  • 6- Full flap auto bottom, 
  • Presentation box
  • window die-cut:

you can use a window die-cut style with a PVC sheet to give a more attractive look. Window die-cut can be made in any shape. It will help to look inside item clearly that will make it more attractive. 

Boxes are available in all sizes and styles. we customize it according to customers’ desires and need.

Stunning printing Design to Make your Invite Boxes more Attractive

Every function is unique and personal so the invitation should also be unique and different from others. For this, you can customize luxury invite boxes for your wedding, birthday party, or even for business advertisement. Custom Game Boxes increase their charm when you use the right color scheme and eye-catching printing styles. PMS and CMYK are the most common printing styles that you can use according to the theme of your wedding and party. You can make your boxes attractive by using 2D or 3D printing. Every box that we customize goes from these printing strategies:

  • Offset printing
  • Screen printing
  • 3- Digital printing
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You can print your brand logo, name, or pictures on the box. Simple printing can be done by offset printing on the other hand, for logos and other artwork we use screen-printing technology. 


This is one of the main factors in printing. Different types of typography can be used to make the box attractive in the eyes of the customers. always use the right color of ink for typography so that it can be easily visible and convenient to read. You have different options for this one of them is silver and gold foiling. It will give a glimmer and shiny look to the box. UV rays can also be used to emphasize logo or typography. 

Embossing & Debossing:

These styles can also be used to give a unique look especially when you want to emphasize something. In embossing the words comes out from the surface of the box that will make them prominent. 

Add accessories to make your boxes appealing:

To make the invitation more luxurious you can add some extra features to it like ribbon, laces, and brooches, etc. Make your boxes more appealing by using these cool features. Using the right color scheme for the ribbon will give the idea to the guests about the theme of your event and it will leave a good impression on them. 

To make the invitation magnificent you can use laces and brooches. That will give richness to the box and it will impress the guests. 

You can also add insertion in it that will help to hold the item at its place and keep it safe from damage by moving it in the box.  

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Where you can customize stunning invite boxes:

Many companies are providing their services but choosing the best one is always difficult. iCustom Boxes is the best and trustworthy customizing company of custom invite boxes. ICB is well known due to its standards as it always provides premium quality products at affordable prices. Our experts are always here to provide their services and help you to provide more innovative and stunning boxes. if you want to attract people by using eye-catching packaging you should avail our services. If you are looking to buy bulk invite boxes just contact us, we will help you to provide maximum benefit. 

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