3 tips to Increase Product Sales

Product Sales

Picture this. You’re coming back from lunch one day when your boss sits you down and says, “We need you and the marketing team to figure out how to sell products faster or we might have to downsize.”. Gulp. Talk about high stakes!

How do you increase business sales without running a fire sale? Keep reading to see our list of proven sales strategies that could help your company move more inventory in record time.

1. Refine Your Buyer Persona

Most companies think they know who their target audience is. But when you peel back the layers and go a little deeper into the marketing onion, it turns out that many teams don’t know the answer to questions like, “What problem is your customer trying to solve?”. And it shows in their advertising campaigns.

These days in marketing, niching down is all the rage. Why? Because it’s easier to dominate multiple smaller categories than it is to put together campaigns that appeal to everyone. When you can narrow down your ideal customer from “Everyone who uses soap.” to “Busy people with sensitive skin.”, for example, the increased product sales might surprise you. 

2. Level up Your Product Bundling Game

If you’ve ever been to a grocery store and seen one of those “Buy two, get one free” sales, then you’ve already seen this tactic in action. As it turns out, when you offer an irresistible deal to people who are already looking for an item, bargains and freebies make them a lot more likely to snap up your product.

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Take a look at your margins. Is there a free bonus accessory or secondary item that you can throw into your advertising? Whether you work with a consumer products consulting team or you decide to use this strategy internally, the increased sales volume you see from this just might surprise you.

3. Make Checking Out Easy

How many times have you visited an e-commerce store and thought, “Oh man, I need to buy this.” before running into a technical error while checking out? For those who spend a lot of time shopping online, the answer to that question is usually “Too many.”. 

If your would-be customers are constantly checking out your site, putting things in their cart, and then bailing, there could be an issue with your checkout process. Are there too many pop-ups that scream, “Wait! Don’t forget to buy this before you go!”? Does your site keep telling people you’re out of product when you’re not?

Here’s the bottom line: Once you’ve reached the checkout stage, it’s safe to assume that people are interested in your product and are willing to pay you for it. A seamless checkout process makes it easier for you to increase sales and retain customers at the same time. 

Sell Products the Easy Way

Moving more units doesn’t have to be complicated. If you go back through the sales tactics we’ve just listed, you’ll notice that all of our suggestions have one thing in common — they all speak to the power of creating a strong customer experience. Once you’ve sorted out those fundamentals, you’ll be able to sell products in less time than you think.

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