3 Most Commonly Believed Bodybuilding Myths Debunked

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Many people across the globe have been practicing bodybuilding for many decades. There are some families as well whose persons are bodybuilding generation after generation. Many records of bodybuilding have been made each year and many have been broken. However, many still have concerns and questions, such as is buying steroids online safely.

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Once there was a time when bodybuilding was only popular at the professional level. But now its cycle of popularity has grown vast. Many people are doing this just to look better and boost their confidence level. Almost every actor and actress do so to look active on the screen.

Despite all the popularity, there are certain myths about bodybuilding that are wrong. Many professionals and experts even believe in these myths. But their reality is as fake as the stories of time control and time travel. Some of these myths are so common that no experts even tried to prove them wrong.

Following are such myths about bodybuilding that have been debunked.

You Cannot Stay Ripped Throughout the Year

This myth is very common among bodybuilders. According to which no one can stay ripped throughout the year, he/she is likely to get fat at some time of the year. But this concept is wrong. You can stay ripped throughout the year. You have seen many people around you who never get fat, this is proof that it is possible to stay ripped.

If you have managed to reduce your body fat to 6 percent, then you can easily maintain it. It doesn’t mean that you have to eat less or healthy foods to maintain your shape. You can eat junk food as well, but with certain terms of conditions. For example, if you want to eat pizza, never eat it whole, just eat 2 to three slices of it.

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But if you think you have to eat complete pizza, then do so, but after that eat nothing for the rest of day. Staying ripped is just like a marriage or business agreement. If you want to make it perfect and successful, you have to make compromises.

It’s Impossible to Burn Fat and Gain Muscles at the Same Time

This concept is another popular myth among bodybuilders. The people who support this myth try to prove it like a mathematical equation by saying that excessive calories are required to build muscles and deficiency of calories is required to lose fat. And no one can do so at the same time.

Many experts believe this so-called theory, without thinking that calories are not the only way to build muscles. Proteins, workouts, and sleep are the actual muscle-building things. So while you are trying to lose fat, you can build muscles at the same time as well.

The proof of this is that many fat people have transformed their bodies into muscular bodies. Many steroids are also available in the market that can be taken during the cutting cycle to prevent the loss of muscles and to gain ripped muscles.

Steroids are Compulsory for Bodybuilding

This is the most common and most believed myth about bodybuilding. And this myth is not only among bodybuilders but also among other people as well. The persons who don’t even know the ABC of bodybuilding can easily tell you that all the bodybuilders are taking steroids.

But this concept is also wrong, as many bodybuilders have gained a muscular body without using any steroids. Melvin Wells was a bodybuilder in the 1940s, you can search for him and compare him with others. He never used steroids in his bodybuilding career. So, it’s possible to gain big muscles and packed abs without steroids.

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Now you know that the above myths are just like fairy tales, which have no reality. However, the fact that there are many benefits of anabolic steroids cannot be denied either. But, you can only get them if you buy them from a reliable online store, such as TeamRoids. It is one of the most popular online stores for steroids, fat burners, and weight loss products.