10 Reasons Why Companies Use Staffing Agencies


Temp agencies help businesses looking to fill unfilled positions on their teams and job-seekers in identifying relevant employment opportunities.

By outsourcing the hiring process to staffing agencies, businesses may focus on growing their operations, take on more temporary projects without adding permanent employees, and cut their workforce and associated costs when those projects are finished.

Today, good employers frequently use staffing agencies in place of the traditional hiring procedure. One of the main reasons for this is how hard it is for businesses to fill unfilled positions with qualified people.

Companies of all sizes are experiencing a talent shortage. As a result, many businesses may feel hopeless while trying to find skilled workers in a hurry. It’s easy to blame a lack of available talent for a company’s struggles, but in reality, most issues stem from having too many competitors.

When agencies hire candidates, you need every advantage you can get. Working with a staffing agency can give you fast access to skilled candidates and help you fill any holes in your hiring process.

Staffing firms can be quite helpful to businesses in their search for qualified employees. When it comes to advocating for more formidable candidates, this is a significant benefit.

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Benefits of Working With Staffing Agencies

The following ten benefits of using a staffing agency demonstrate why doing so will yield excellent outcomes.

1. Staffing Firms Save Time

Because a staffing agency will handle the hiring process, businesses no longer have to bother about vetting resumes or conducting interviews. The reputable agencies have specialists who can do all the necessary tests and background checks before hiring.

2. Staffing Companies Save Cash

Companies not only have to spend a lot of time and money on the hiring process. The cost to an organization of having a vacant position for an extended period might be substantial. To save their clients time and money, temp agencies spend a lot of time and energy trying to discover the best potential candidates for open job opening positions.

3. Industry Market Understanding

Staffing agency recruiters have in-depth industry knowledge. They have put in the time and effort to become experts in their field, and as a result, they know precisely what companies require and where to locate qualified candidates.

Having this background will allow you to gain insight into the availability of talent in the market, salary ranges, and regional market tendencies to find appropriate jobs.

4. Staffing Companies Handle Onboarding and Payroll

The staffing agency will handle the administrative aspects of the onboarding procedure, such as documentation. They will also handle payroll and related tax paperwork for the business and its employees.

5. Utilization of Talent Pools

Staffing firms have access to a vast pool of qualified candidates because they communicate daily with many people. Therefore, reputable agencies invest several years into cultivating their pool of potential candidates through word-of-mouth, industry events, and other means.

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Staffing firms can take advantage of this benefit to discover the most qualified individuals in the quickest amount of time.

6. The Capability of Fast Hiring

An organization can lose a worker who just quit and requires an instant replacement. A temp agency’s extensive network of potential clients enables them to routinely fill positions with workers in less than 24 hours.

7. They are Aware of What is Necessary for Jobs in the Real World

Industry professionals have an advantage while working as third-party recruiters since they already have a firm grasp of the skills and experience necessary to do the job correctly. Corporate recruiters do have the potential to do this, but they are rarely given a chance to do so.

8. They can Devote More Time to Locating Passive Applicants As a Result

Recruiting a candidate eager to leave their current position is more accessible than persuading one who isn’t interested in doing so. Almost all corporate recruiters focus their time and energy on tracking down the last groups of very engaged candidates. 

To be successful, the most potent external recruiters should devote 80%-90% of their time to building relationships with potential candidates and recruiting them passively.

9. Staffing Firms Raise Productivity

A productivity boost is a significant upside to working with a staffing firm. In today’s fast-paced business world, HR departments are already working overtime to process applications, conduct phone screens, arrange interviews, process payroll, and provide benefits.

Any time spent on hiring is time away from more important, strategic work. In addition, by partnering with a staffing agency, HR may have a lot of their paperwork taken care of for them.

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If you want to recruit temporary workers, the staffing agency will care about everything from finding and interviewing candidates to paying them and providing any benefits they may be entitled to. Temporary workers are a great way to increase output during busy times.

10. Don’t File Unemployment Claims

Employers risk unemployment claims when they recruit extra help to handle a surge in business but then have to lay off those workers when production slows down. Temporary workers contracted through an agency are technically not your employees but the agencies.

When their services are no longer required, those employees will not need to file for unemployment.


There is a common misconception that all temp agencies are the same. Check out a few different options before committing to one agency. Obtain feedback from previous clients regarding their experience. Get in touch with some workers and inquire about the company’s hiring practices. Check to see if they can consistently deliver what you require. Ultimately, the level of service the staffing agency provides will determine the caliber of the workers they send your way.

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