How to choose the right 4.5kw portable air conditioner

portable air conditioner

Like any product you want to buy, you must explore as many aspects as possible before deciding on the right 4.5kW portable air conditioner hire. The fact that a product has many additional features does not mean that it will be the best choice.

What is the Single Dimension?

One of the main features of a portable unit is its lightweight and compact size. So, if this is an important consideration for you, you can easily compare different options to find the lightest and most concise.

Of course, size and weight may not matter to you if you only want to install the unit.

When looking at dimensions, you should also think about the specific space in which you will fit your unit. If you bought a very large one, you may not have enough space to install it. You might end up fixing it in a bad way. 

Although you do not have to renovate your home when installing the unit, you may need to replace the furniture instead. Try to establish a good layout that allows enough room for your rent portable air conditioner to circulate air right around your home.

Is it energy efficient?

To determine energy efficiency, you can test the EER (energy efficiency rating). When you consider BTU (British Thermal Unit) you can get a clear picture of what EER means.

BTU indicates how much room heat is within an hour. Using EER and BTU, you determine how much power your unit uses.

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You simply divide the BTU by EER and the results will express the watts used. Therefore, your unit will use 889 watts if it has EER 9 and 8,000 BTU.

How much noise does it produce?

Noise is an important consideration, especially if you are installing the unit in your bedroom. Yes, it can create the perfect temperature that allows you to sleep, but will noise really keep you awake?

If you have frequent sleep problems, this should be a major concern.

This can be a challenge even in the workplace. Trying to focus on some loud, repetitive humorous words will confuse and annoy you.

To find the audio output, check the decibel level. The 60 decibel sound reflects the kind of sound you would hear from a normal conversation nearby. 45 decibels would equate to the sound of a whispering conversation.

However, the actual sound you hear will depend much more on the decibel level of the unit. The vocabulary features of your home can make such words pronounced or damp. So you can hear the sound louder than expected because your room enhances it.

How much?

Once you have evaluated all the features of the product, you can consider how much money you want to contribute.

Prices are often, but not necessarily, related to quality. Sometimes, the price can be higher because a product has some added features.

Remember, as you do not have enough money to pay for the product of your choice, you can always plan to buy later if you have enough money.

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