Decorating Your Home With Small Budget

home decoration

Just like we get tired of wearing the same jacket across seasons, we get tired of our decor. We look at things in our homes every day, so even the tiniest change can spark immense joy. It comes as no surprise because our home is our tranquil zone where we come when we need some time to relax and unwind. Especially if you work from home, you might benefit from swapping a thing or two around the house without breaking your budget.

Declutter and analyze

Whenever you have the urge to purge your home of all things and buy new decor, start by decluttering first. Maybe you can’t see all that is good about your current decor because the rooms are simply crowded? Eliminate the mess, reduce the piles of books, and newspapers, put back misplaced objects and upgrade your storage options. Once you give yourself some breathing space, analyze it. What can be upgraded to fit your budget?

Start with bare walls

Is there a bare wall in your living room that could be brightened up with a mirror? Mirrors are a great trick to visually make the room larger and more open. Just pay attention to what is reflected in the mirror to ensure the mirror is placed where it will upgrade the decor, not ruin it. You can also add a dash of color by hanging a large painting that is in contrast with your furniture color. For example, if your furniture is green, you can contrast it with a red painting. On the other hand, if your furniture is in neutral colors like light grey or beige, and your walls are white, you can go for a painting with blue as a dominant color.

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Add a bookcase

A bookcase can be a great addition to any decor and it will introduce some novelty. Instead of cramming all your favorite books into one bookcase, try to spread them around and compliment them with different details. You can play with colors, as well, and accompany a set of three books with details in blue or any other color. For example, you can put three books on a shelf and place a blue candle next to them. Add meaningful figurines, and crystals, while also leaving some breathing room on each shelf for the maximum effect.

…and a coffee table

A coffee table is a must because it’s both beautiful and practical. You’ll need it whenever you’re having a coffee while sitting comfortably on the sofa. It’s also useful when you have friends over for drinks. In the meantime, a coffee table can be used as a decorative element, as well. You can organise details in a group of three for the ultimate effect. Place a vase with fresh flowers, a scented candle, and a beautiful book and play with their position each time. 

Change your focus to floors

While having bare floors might be a choice of many, covering them up strategically can be a nice decorative touch. Carpets are used as a cohesive element that groups things visually. For example, a carpet can anchor a living room together and define that as a lounging area. Even if you don’t plan on changing much in your living room, a new carpet can help you reorganize the room and make it look like you’ve changed everything. Also, it might be time to hide cables lying across room floors with suitable cable covers to ensure safety and tackle the visual clutter. When you conceal cables around the house, the floors will look clean, and the carpets will stand out.

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Cozy up with decorative pillows

You can change decorative pillows with the change of seasons. This way your living room or any lounging area will look brand new every time. You can play with textures and go for velvety pillow covers during colder months or silky pillow covers during warmer months. Alternatively, you can also play with textures and patterns. Mix and match styles until your furniture feels like something out of a Pinterest board.

Lighten up a corner with a floor lamp

A floor lamp is a great accent piece that can brighten up a room, both literally and as a new decorative element. You can also use it to set up a reading area next to it, so you’ll have your own corner in your home. Pair it up with a cozy chair and throw a decorative blanket over it and you’ll have an Instagram-ready zen corner for your reading habits. A floor lamp can be a free agent as well, used as a sculptural element that can also lighten up the room.

Change the order of things

We get so used to the order of things within our homes that a simple change of layout can feel like a new home. If your budget is limited, change the order of things. Start with your living room and switch furniture around. Move to bookshelves and bookcases and change how you organize your books, If they are placed vertically, try placing them horizontally and place a crystal or a candle on top of it. Get creative and play around.

Update old handles

New handles, doorknobs, and knobs can instantly update the appeal of your current decor. If you can’t change your kitchen cupboards, you can get bras handles and nobs that fit your budget. It’s a touch of elegance to your existing furniture and you won’t regret this change. While you’re at it, you can also repaint old furniture so your new handles will stand out.

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Lastly, work on your home updating budget in advance. You can put some money away each month for a year. Put it in an envelope and write an instruction on a piece of paper so you’ll be reminded of your plan in a year’s time. Set a reminder in your calendar, so you’ll put money away each month and get to spend it in a year. This way you’ll get to update your home every year and turn it into a space that always sparks joy.