How to Choose shapewear


Having a beautiful figure and a slim curvy look is a desire of every woman. But some women can’t achieve that fit and slim curvy look due to their body fat. This is where tummy control shapewear and waist trainers for women come into play. 

Women who have a lot of fat use shapewear to look more attractive and hide their fat. Modern-day tummy control shapewear and waist trainers not only hide the extra fat but also provides a boost in the confidence of such women so that they can wear whatever they want regardless of their body shape.

What is a Tummy Tucker?

When you have a lot of belly fat and you want to wear a tight fitted dress in which you want to look a lot attractive and seductive, at such times the best shapewear for women plays an important role. Wearing tummy tuckers makes your belly flat and then you can wear whichever dress you desire.

Tummy tuckers are tight and will hide your body fat and give you an attractive look in a tight dress by creating pressure on your belly and creating compaction.

How to choose a Shapewear? 

To look attractive, seductive and boost your confidence in a tight dress you must choose the best shapewear. Choosing the best shapewear depends on many factors some of which are given below:-

Choose the best Size:-

Shapewear is already too tight and a little uncomfortable for people who have not tried them ever. On top of that if you choose the wrong size then the shapewear may become unbearable to keep on your body.

 For tummy tuckers, the size of them must be the same as the panties you are wearing. If you wear a size S panty then the size of the tummy tucker must also be S.

Do not go for the free-size ones if you are plus-sized because that might be too tight for you. So always go for the ones that are available in S, L, M, XL, and more plus sizes.

If you have any doubts regarding the size you can follow the size chart given below:-

Choose the best Shapewear:-

Once you know the perfect size for your body the next thing you must consider is what type of shapewear you must use. Shapewear is generally made up of cotton, linen, and elastic with iron wires inside to hold the compaction of your body wear. In modern times there are many different types of shapewear available in the market which include

  1. Bra Minimizer
  2. Waist Trainer
  3. Tummy Tucker Shapewear
  4. Extended Brief
  5. Thigh Slimmer
  6. Full Body Shapewear.

You must always choose from one of the above-mentioned types of shapewear to look attractive and to fight in desired tight dresses.

Given below are some of the best shapewear available in the market which you must use:

CoreSculpt™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper With Butt Lifter

CoreSculpt™ Postpartum MaxAb Support

AirSlim® Open Bust Control Body Shaper

We hope this article will help you find the perfect plus-size shapewear and will help you clear the doubt about choosing the right size and style of shapewear.